Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Play in a Day, The Steve Jones Way

I was teaching my friend Brian how to play "Anarchy in the UK" on guitar yesterday. This led (as it often does) to geeking out on a documentary about the band we'd been discussing, since Brian is the Keeper of All Media and we can both watch stuff like that all day.

A section entitled "Play in a Day, The Steve Jones Way", proved I was basically teaching the song correctly-- how often does that happen? And this movie, Never Mind the Bollocks, features lots of footage where we get to hear discrete instrumental tracks faded up and down in the studio, always a magic opportunity in my book. After all this time I still didn't realize guitarist Steve Jones actually played bass on these songs as well (according to this movie, anyway). I always wondered how Sid could have laid down such buoyant bass lines, not really being a musician of Jones and drummer Paul Cook's caliber.

It's always refreshing to hear tracks from the "Never Mind the Bollocks" album-- despite what might have been going on culturally, attitude-wise, etc., the Pistols' music holds up as tight, solid, spare, aggressive rock music. Still some of the finest ever made, I daresay.

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