Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Workflow productivity

Here's something I've thought about doing a million times, but never actually did till today...

For every music composition and/ or sound design project I work on, I wind up with pretty much the same division of data on my hard drive: one folder containing the entire project, and several sub-folders for 1) admin (schedules, correspondence, etc), 2) sequencing sessions, 3) multitrack sessions, 4) assorted soundfiles that I'll be using as raw material, 5) various iterations of mixes, from rough to "final" (heh heh), 6) a folder for client video, if applicable, and of course, 7) a "discard" folder for stuff I know I won't need when I'm done, but that I don't want to get rid of before then.

So what? Well, I've long thought that it'd save me a lot of time if I created a dummy folder with each of these folders already inside it, and just made a duplicate of the master folder and re-named it for each project, ready to go, rather than creating each folder from scratch for every project. Not the hugest thing, but definitely a time-saver in the long run. And I've never actually done it till today.

So I've saved a lot of time for myself in the future. But wait... I might have just traded that time by writing this blog post. You people owe me now, I hope you realize...

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