Friday, July 17, 2009

A very boring story

Out for a walk this morning, I passed a big earth mover machine making a lot of interesting sounds. Swung home to pick up recording gear, then headed back.

A dismal failure of a recording in that a) I had the recorder set on "mono", thus neutralizing the charm of binaural playback, and b) the guy had turned off the machine by the time I got back anyway. The contractors working on a nearby garage made sure to lapse into silence as I passed too... A dog started barking at me at one point, though, and I'm sure that'll come in handy sometime.

Later at home I sat on the couch reliving this underwhelming experience via headphones. My cat Abigail, sitting on my lap as she obsessively does, could apparently hear a lot of the sounds even though the headphones were fairly isolating and I didn't have the volume up very far. She's a jumpy one, and she flinched at a lot of the sounds (she didn't like the barking dogs very much, of course). But when the recording reached the passage where I was unhooking the front gate, she leapt off my lap, ran into the dining room, jumped up on the table and gazed out the front window expecting someone to come in as if she'd heard the gate itself. So I guess I captured that part pretty well anyway.

See? Told you it was boring. Can I sell it or what?

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