Sunday, December 13, 2009

Recent / recommended listening / viewing

l i s t e n i n g

--Amon Tobin: Foley Room (A terrific album, detailed and thoughtful in a way sample-based music ought to be more often.)
--Kraftwerk: Autobahn, Kraftwerk 2
--The Heliocentrics: Out There
--PJ Harvey and John Parish: A Woman A Man Walked By
--Joe Meek demos (Not necessarily recommended unless you're already a Meek fan, but fascinating if you are)
--Hair: original cast recording
--Miley Cyrus: "Party in the USA" (I can't get enough of this song! I love the portamento synth.)

v i e w i n g

--Paranormal Activity (The finest in the "found footage" genre so far, in my opinion, and just a fine horror film at that. There seems to have been something of a backlash, and I'd like to be part of the backlash against the backlash.)
--The Girlfriend Experience
--The Happiness of the Katakuris
--Synecdoche, NY
--Mildred Pierce

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