Sunday, April 4, 2010

ACTivation/ The Directors

Recently I've been working as the location recordist on a film project involving issues faced by contemporary teens.

The concept is still evolving, so I'll quote the official copy from the site of The Directors, which states it's "producing its first film this spring for a new start-up company, ACTivation. With a working title of Set to Spark, by Trista Baldwin, this will be the first film in a library of online content that ACTivation will make available to teachers, parents, community leaders and other youth influencers."

I've been having a blast working with director Steve Barberio, cinematographer Kevin Obsatz, producer Tim Wilkins, and a host of talented performers and technicians. We'll wrap the shoot in the coming week, and then I'll head into the studio and get to work on editing post production sound. Looking forward to it.

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