Monday, May 17, 2010

The Future Is You

From time to time I sit in with Brown Rainbow, an amorphous project with no fixed personnel and a carte blanche approach to music making. A recent session gathered Charles Gillett, Bryce Beverlin, Rich Barlow, and myself in Charles' basement.

The result: The Future Is You (available for free mp3 download at the preceding link). An entire day in the making from showing up at the house place to final upload of the recordings and cover art, "The Future Is You" is easily the most important statement to emerge from Charles' basement in the past month or so.

I play synth (via laptop) on "Implied Chariots" (so named because the melody seems poised to segue into "Chariots of Fire" at any moment but never does), the title cut, "The Twinkling" (my favorite of the bunch; I don't think I've ever heard a track featuring sax, banjo, and Moogy synth bass before, though who knows), and "The Tits on Those Mannequins", drums on "Animal Insides", "You Don't Have to Worry" and "The Yellow Rose", and banjo plus tambourine on "Just Slip Further".

The samples I'm contorting on "Better to Have It and Not Need It" are mostly wilhelm screams. Charles got a lot of lyrics by reading out of books; Bryce got the lyrics for the title track from spontaneous divine inspiration. Trevor sketched us while we played; I'm hoping the art will show up online eventually.


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