Sunday, January 9, 2011

Recent viewing/ listening

A busy time, and plenty I'd like to write about... but for now here's a list of things I've watched and heard recently that have tickled my fancy.


--Cowards Bend the Knee (I hope to write a separate entry about this soon... truly an extraordinary film.)
--The Adventures of Prince Achmed
--The Human Condition, Pt. 1
--True Grit
--Young @ Heart
--Paranormal Activity 2
--The Wire Season Three (for something like the 3rd or 4th time)
--White Zombie


--Dimlite, "Prismic Tops"
--Earle Brown, "Selected Works 1952-1965"
--Take Acre, "Believers" (see previous entry)
--Balmorhea, "Constellations"
--Various artists, "Forbidden Planets: Music From the Pioneers of Electronic Sound"
--Various artists, "Cowboy Crooners Sing Songs of the West"
--Baby, "Where It's Gonna Be"
--Rehdogg, "Watch My Flow"