Monday, June 20, 2011

Coconut Milk [ Work in Progress ]

A little jam under the working title "Coconut Milk", currently featured in Laura Holway's dance show I Like You.

Coconut Milk [ Work in Progress ] by juniorbirdman

The need was for a funky piece of music with a "square" feel to accompany highly regimented activities.

The example I was given was Rip It Up by Orange Juice:

I took the chug-a-chug beat plus the juicy vintage synth sounds and ran with them. Arrangements pile on, layer and build.

Still a work in progress... needs some fills and flourishes, and toward the end the track becomes kind of doodly/ noodly as less developed ideas unravel, though they have potential so I've left them in as sketches. I hope to realize the arrangement further someday.

Enjoy! --MH