Thursday, December 29, 2011

Blue Heaven: Previews of Original Music

Some works in progress I'm creating for choreographer/ dancer Lisa Conlin's "Blue Heaven". This evening of dance happens February 11th and 12th at Balleraena Dance Studios in Sioux Falls, SD and March 1st- 4th at the Ritz Theater in Minneapolis.

Inspired by the loss of loved ones in Conlin's own life, "Blue Heaven" explores mourning through movement. Conlin identifies grief as a multi-stage process, choreographing a segment to investigate each one.

This being a dance piece, my mission is of course to create music that's compelling yet immersive, consonant with the action onstage rather without calling attention to itself. The first two of these pieces (while still works in progress) are presented as they're currently in use for choreography and are quite long, unfolding gradually to accompany current choreography as opposed to being "quick" demos.

Bargaining [ Work in Progress ] by juniorbirdman

For the "bargaining" stage (audio above), Conlin imagines the dancers as orphans in the woods. I've created this piece in response, invoking not only a variety of instrumentation but also the sound of crickets outside my mom's house in Ohio.

Anger [ Work in Progress ] by juniorbirdman

This piece (audio above) accompanying the "anger" stage, incorporates the most abrasive, aggressive noise I've been able to conjure. Eventually it'll also incorporate vocal samples from Brian Evans, who dances solo for much of the segment.

Blue Heaven : End Montage [ Work in Progress ] by juniorbirdman

Here's a rough demo of what we're putting together for the end of the show (audio above), wherein healing and reintegration come into play.

Enjoy! And if you need any more info, feel free to contact me through my web site.