Saturday, March 3, 2012

Recent Listening / Viewing

William Finley in "Phantom of the Paradise"


Hanne Hukelberg: Little Things
Belbury Poly: Farmer's Angle
Misel Quitno: Sleep Over Pieces Vol 1
Black Flag: Damaged
Earth: The Bees Made Honey in the Lion's Skull
Ugly Stick: Shaved
Elvis Presley: Elvis 75
John Zuma Saint-Pelvin: cassette release
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282: Lovelyville
Phantom of the Paradise: original soundtrack
Morton Subotnick: Volume 1: Electronic Works
Cowboy Crooners Sing Songs of the Old West (compilation): I just plain cannot stop listening to this stuff.



One of my favorite terrible movies. A Rocky Horror knockoff-esque mishmash of Frankenstein, Faust, Alice Cooper theatrics, and of course Phantom of the Opera: because you demanded it! There's also a dash of a classic early 60s film in there, but to specify would be to spoilerize what passes for the climax of this one.

Paul Williams plays a tediously Mephistophelean record company executive and also crafts an utterly forgettable score for the film, defying the notion that he would one day pen the soundtrack to "The Muppet Movie".

Written and directed by Brian DePalma, and, to be fair, some of the camera work is pretty interesting... either the Steadicam hadn't been invented yet, or they just couldn't afford one, but you can tell he sure wanted to shoot that way. Some nice 2 camera/ split screen setups as well. I love this film so much.


Oh wait, this movie... oh man. I forgot I'd even watched this till the soundtrack came up on shuffle. Wow, where to begin...

OK. Flush with the success of the film version of The Who's "Tommy" (which I recall being quite good), Ken Russell decided to make a biopic based on the life of Franz Liszt. Russell was, demonstrably, able to persuade Roger Daltrey to portray the title role in this, one of the most expensively, spectacularly disastrous screen spectacles I've ever witnessed.

Over the course of this film we witness vampires, Ringo Starr, space travel, Richard Wagner in Nazi regalia shooting people with an electric guitar/ machine gun, and original songs by (who else?) ELP's Rick Wakeman. Thanks ever so much to my friend Pat for turning me on to this flick. Not available on DVD in the US, but if the above appeals to you and you got some Web savvy, do yourself a favor.


Flash Gordon (the 1980 film adaptation: wonderfully campy!)
Spirit of the Beehive
Superstarlet AD
Once Upon A Time In The West
I Walked With A Zombie
The Saga of Biorn
How To Train Your Dragon
Dark Star
Death Race 2000
Kiss Meets The Phantom of the Park
This Island Earth
Anvil! The Story of Anvil
Chuck Berry: Hail! Hail! Rock 'n' Roll (make sure to watch the special features making-of on this one-- wow.)
Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone
Forbidden World
Cannonball Run
Cannonball Run II


Downton Abbey: as good as you've heard.
Arrested Development: ditto.
Shaun the Sheep: tritto.
The Money And The Gun: this is from back aways, also courtesy of Pat. Deserves an entry of its own.