Friday, June 29, 2012

Hunter Fuel: Help fund our new album of WoW Hunter songs!

The long and short of it: I'm collaborating with eminent World of Warcraft blogger Frostheim (aka Brian Wood) to create an entire album of songs dedicated to Hunters-- his character class in the game. Please donate to our Kickstarter!

I have a great time working with Brian, and I love helping to create these songs and videos, but the fact is I'm usually too busy with paid work to put the time into it. So my wily cohort came up with the solution of making these projects generate revenue ahead of time.

Though I geek out on plenty of stuff, I don't play WoW myself. I think the graphics and animation are pretty cool though. Most of the time I have no idea what I'm talking about when I sing these songs. Frostheim, on the other hand, appears to have made quite a name for himself in the WoW community. There's even a Recovered Cloak of Frostheim named after his character, which I imagine is quite an honor. So I've been quite honored myself that he'd ask me to create some pieces with him.

I was originally recruited to help out on Brian's anthemic "I'm A Hunter". The music track and the lyrics were already together by the time I came aboard; my task was to set the lyrics to a melody, sing the vocals with the help of my wife Jen, and down mix the results. Frostheim cut together a video for the track:

At 849,743 views (as of this writing), this piece has been viewed by way, way more people than have witnessed any other work I've ever done. Apparently there was an audience out there for this stuff. We decided to try another video and offer another track as a paid mp3 download, to see if we could monetize the project. So Brian crafted the wry lyrics of "I Won't Miss You", rife with double entendres. This time I wrote the music myself, put togehter all the instrumentation, and sang all the vocals. The result was 2010's "I Won't Miss You":

"I Won't Miss You" was certainly well-received, though it didn't experience quite the runaway success its predecessor. The mp3 sold ok, but not enough to make it a viable revenue stream. We've tried to figure out why the two songs fared so differently. I think maybe it's because the first one worked better as a fist-pumping anthem that people could crank while they played the game.

Anyway, it was clear that in order to continue these productions we needed a way to make it financially viable as well as fun. So if there's still time, and you want to support our endeavor, please consider making a donation to our Kickstarter today!

Thanks for your time.

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