Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mysteries of "Prometheus"

Like most fans of the xenomoprh franchise, I was beside myself with excitement over Ridley Scott's "Prometheus", wishing the days away between learning of it and getting to see it.

I tried to keep my expectations low. And my experience of the film so far has been... complicated. By now the widespread disappointment is quite evident online, and while I feel like the film has a lot of merit, I too found it poorly written, the characters thin, and the concept muddled.

I will say, though, that this article goes a long way toward unraveling the mysteries of this now-expanded universe.

But one enigma remains: Why, during one scene, do we witness Idris Elba's character playing a concertina which, as he relates, once belonged to Stephen Stills? What possible purpose could there be to this?

In pondering this riddle, my sole comfort arises from finding that no one else online seems to get it either. Perhaps some of the film's mysteries are simply beyond human understanding.

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