Sunday, August 19, 2012

In memoriam: Suzy Greenberg

I mourn the passing of my friend Suzy Greenberg last week. A devoted artist, gallery owner, and arts advocate, Suzy made a real difference in the Twin Cities arts community with the energy and passion she poured into everything she did. Suzy was an ardent feminist, and brought whimsy and insight to the artistic expression of her convictions.

Anyone who knew Suzy recalls her mellifluous laugh and festive nature. And personally, I'll always be grateful for her generosity. Back when I was completely broke, I asked Suzy for a loan so I could manufacture a CD release. She readily agreed; it was probably only a few hundred bucks, I really don't remember, but it was a huge sum for me at the time and it made a world of difference in my career.

From generosity to advice to hard work and perseverance, Suzy had a hugely positive impact on those around her. I honor her memory and hope to spread the good vibes she shared with all of us.

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