Sunday, December 16, 2012

Recent Listening 12/16/12

Tatsuya Nakatani: "Primal Communication"
Tatsuya Nakatani & Kaoru Watanabe: "Michiyuki"

Nakatani has been to Minneapolis more than once recently, and has pretty much blown my mind. Percussive improvisation on gongs and drums that's technically jaw-dropping but still emotive as all get-out. Great stuff.


Sandy Bull: "Vanguard Visionaries" collection
Rachel's: "Systems/ Layers"
Clint Mansell: "Moon" (original soundtrack)
Popol Vuh: "Herz aus Glas/Coeur de Verre"
Jonathan Zorn: "Language As Dust"
Radiohead: "The King Of Limbs"
Pink Floyd: "Meddle"
Vic Chesnutt: "The Salesman and Bernadette"
Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross: "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" (original soundtrack)

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