Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tree Fort Defense: Mobile game site now online

[ Sound + music for games update: check out my sfx and theme music for Playtend's Delivery Truck Empire! ]

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Lately I've been creating custom music and sound effects for an upcoming Android game called Tree Fort Defense, a physics-based castle defense-style project from Interrobang LLC.

Hear theme and see animation/ game design in the video below, plus check out some more info and music samples on my web site...

The game's home page just went live. Some samples of concept art and in-progress animation are currently online.

It's coming together well-- the world is built from the perspective of a child's imagination, and its creators take much delight in an unabashedly geeky fantasy of preposterous weapons and fearsome opponents.

So far I've composed two different versions of the theme music: a basic boppy version for the introductory level, and a sinister surf-rock rendition of the same theme for the Halloween level-- as well as brief music buttons to acknowledge the approach of an enemy and the "game over" screen. The relationship seems like a really good fit so far-- I'm finding it easy to get inside these folks' heads and score the goofy sense of fun they're looking for.

Sound effects have been enjoyable to put together too. Plenty of impacts, plus I've found use for birdsong recordings I made on Wisconsin's Crex Meadows nature preserve last summer. I've also been acting as voice talent (heavily manipulated in post) to give the player's enemies a little personality.

Really exciting to see it take shape!

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