Friday, March 29, 2013

Recent work: Original music for web series promo

I recently scored this promo for the web series Theater People (I'm also the composer for the series itself). Writer/ director Matthew Anderson wanted to spoof the ubiquity of the hug as a greeting among theater folks.

The temp track in use was no less than The Charleston-- Anderson is a big fan of Woody Allen's vintage jazz scores-- so all I had to do was simulate the playing and compositional style of James P. Johnson. No problem!

Kidding aside, I'm pretty happy with how it came out. With some help from the modern miracle of MIDI programming, I was able to emulate Mr. Johnson's stride piano stylings and create a piece which, if not a soundalike, at least evoked the mood Anderson was looking for.

We lope along in a major key till the conflict emerges-- a theater guy meets a non-thetaer guy and challenges him to hug, dragging the non-theater guy outside his comfort zone (the kind of negotiation my friend Al and I like to call "hug fu"). I dip into a minor during the challenge, but hey! Everything comes out all right in the end. For the theater people, anyway...

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