Sunday, May 19, 2013


A long (and I mean long) -term film project from my friend Bryce Beverlin and his friend Kurt, deathproj is finally seeing the light of day. I'll leave it to the film's creators to explain the content, but if you live in the Twin Cities you can catch screenings this month. Check the schedule for details.

I've seen one screening so far, and I was really impressed by the equal helpings of conceptual integrity and droll humor. The filmmakers are content to let the seams show, often hilariously so, to a point where often you're pretty much seeing the seams and that's the movie.

The music and sound design are really impressive as well (the two overlap to a point where it's hard to tell where one stops and the other begins). Subtle tonalities and slow changes over time pull the film along like a really, really slow tugboat. It's a pleasure to experience.

I'll be catching Star Trek and Iron Man 3 this summer for sure, but I have to say it's stuff like this that makes my viewing life complete. Thanks guys!

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