Friday, May 17, 2013

Hiss and a Roar's Water Foley library

Thought I'd take a moment to praise a sound library I've been using a lot lately: the Water Foley collection from Hiss and a Roar, assembled by New Zealand sound designer Tim Prebble.

It's a broad collection of hi-res water-related sounds, both interior and exterior. Content ranges from light taps to massive splashes and everything in between, including kicking, thrashing, oar movement, surfacing, wading, mud suction, push-offs, treading water, and vehicle drive-throughs. Nice long tails at the ends of soundfiles, for easy crossfades.

I've been really impressed with the variety of material; pretty much any water-related element I've needed so far has proven available. Many sounds come in matching stereo sets for surround mixing, if that's your thing. This also allows a choice between close-mic'd and more distant perspectives.

Great value at 50 bucks!

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