Thursday, June 13, 2013

Film News: Assassins Tale, Johnny Depp is not Dead

An update on a couple of recent films featuring my work:

Assassins Tale, a feature to which I contributed original music, Foley arts and sound design, will be released domestically on Amazon and Best Buy on July 9. Red Box and Netflix distribution will, it's hoped, follow soon thereafter. Directed by Arthur Louis Fuller and starring Michael Beach, Guy Garner and Anna Silk, the film follows a group of hired killers in search of redemption.

Here's the trailer for Assassins Tale. I wasn't involved in the trailer itself, but the gurgling sound at about :24 is indeed my recording of a canoe oar plunging into water.

Assassins Tale on the Film Catalogue web site

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On a very different note, Dawn Schot Klotzbach's contemplative short Johnny Depp Is Not Dead screened recently at the Speechless Film Festival-- a program dedicated to "visual (but not silent) storytelling".

This film features my original musical score and Foley arts. I was also the location mixer, capturing what dialogue is to be had in this contemplative piece. Atmospheric, ethereal tones highlight the the emotions of an unseen man's wife and daughter as they mourn his death, eventually bonding over a Johnny Depp movie and a bubble fight. Music and sound were central in telling the story.

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