Thursday, June 27, 2013

Man of Steel Sound Design

I'm a sucker for these behind-the-scenes sound things, and I'll watch pretty much any of them even though many are surprisingly devoid of info.

This one's quite good. A friend pointed it out to me in nofilmschool's SoundWorks collection:

I've heard this movie's good, so I'm going to see it anyway, but I like having this background. The production design looks really cool. I've really had high hopes for Zack Snyder since his remake of "Dawn of the Dead", which is not only one of my favorite horror movies but just plain one of my favorite movies. There's been a whole series of things since then that I've wanted to like more than I've actually liked-- though I've heard "300" is really good, and there's probably some masterpiece I'm missing because, after all, I live under a rock.

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