Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Dream Rock: Web Series Composer Process #5

The latest in my behind-the-scenes exploration of composing original music for the comedy web series Theater People.

In Episode 6, Cock Blocking, a montage tells the story of the characters trying to unwind after a stressful day.

In any case, this dream-rock music turned out to be the perfect cue to accompany the sequence as deep thoughts on the part of Elise (Stacia Rice) eventually result in a fateful phone call:

Which is all well and good, but I gotta give director Matt Anderson credit for that one since I originally wrote the cue at his request for the following scene, wherein the cast and crew of the Aleister Crowley play elect to get stoned instead of, you know, teching during their tech rehearsal. The music also covers the end of the preceding scene, in which Dave (Steve Sweere) continues his quest to seduce Claire (Jen Rand), this time by showing up in her dressing room in his underwear:

I think the poignant voice of the Fender Rhodes keyboard makes this track work well in context(s). Weaving in with the rest of the score, this cue shares DNA with the piano jazz in the background of the party in Episode 2, Oh My God, I Should So Be Dead Right Now (which cue, in turn, derives from the main title theme). Same general groove but a little faster. It's a piano instead of a Rhodes here, with a different melody, maybe a little classier, more tipsy, less blunted:

Eventually we learn just how much more Edward needs.

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