Sunday, August 25, 2013

Grandmaster Gareth

Been very much digging this guy's rekkids lately.

Befitting these times, when words like "authorship" and "authenticity" are more troublesome than ever, G.G.'s work renders it almost impossible to tell what's "original" and what's a "sample", or even what that means anymore.

"The Party Sound of Grandmaster Gareth" lassos funky beats, electronica, children's records, video games, psychedelic rock, film dialogue and sound effects, ads, training videos, and who knows what else.

"Magical Sound Shower" is an even funkier/ more epic project that at least sounds like it involves more original elements-- replete with stuttery scramble, juicy polyrhythms, dub depth, plus lots of itty bitty nuances and assorted rabbit holes of subtlety to tumble through.

Check it!

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