Monday, August 26, 2013

My Lady Gagged On A Pecan: Word To Your Mother-In-Law #1

My mother-in-law Joan Graham has long been frustrated by her attempts to parse the lyrics of rap songs. The fast-paced syllabic deluge often leads her interpretations astray.

Fan of misheard lyrics that I am, I've wanted to blog about this for quite some time-- perhaps as a series. The other night at dinner, I stumbled on my first entry. Joan told us she'd seen a rapper perform on Letterman the night before, and that she could swear the lyrics included the phrase "My lady gagged on a pecan".

Though I like to keep an open mind, I felt a bit of skepticism that this was in fact true. A quick social media APB garnered that the artist in question was Wale, performing "Love Hate Thing". Upon locating the YouTube clip and discussing it with Joan, it turned out it wasn't in fact Wale but backup singer Sam Dew she'd thought was relating the tale of his lady gagging on a pecan... repeatedly and at some length, it turns out:

I guess I don't really hear anything about pecans in there. But what do I know?

Thanks to Joan for being such a good sport about this.

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