Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Devil Worship Music: Web Series Composer Process #666

The final installment of my series detailing the creation of an original musical score for the web series Theater People.

Here we return to Satanic themes introduced earlier, as we learn in Episode 10 that Edward (Mike Postle) is indeed willing to surrender his soul to the Prince of Darkness himself (producer Crist Ballas in a cameo) for the sake of realizing a production of Aleister Crowley's lost play:

Matt mentioned the ritual music from "Eyes Wide Shut" as a guidepost here, which not only gave me some direction but also got me to finally watch "Eyes Wide Shut". I did what I could to channel some Coil-esque percussion sounds on this one as well.

The play turns out to be a garden farce called "The Minister's Trousers". Almost no one involved in the production grasps that it's intended as a comedy, as we see in the readthrough during Episode 5. I underscored this scene with a simpler version of the devil worship music:

Thanks for checking these out, and thanks to the cast and crew of "Theater People" for a terrific experience.

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Index of "Theater People" web series composer process entries:

1: Main Title

2: Crowley Theme

3: Day Job Waltz/ Melodramatic Theme

4: Mambo Madness

5: Dream Rock

666: Devil Worship Music


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