Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Highlight Reel + Index of Entries: Original Music for the Web Series "Theater People"

Retrospective highlight reel of original music I created for the comedy web series Theater People, as well as for some spots promoting the show. Styles include mambo, bossa, rock, orchestral, ragtime, Dixieland, music box lullabye, and of course Satanic choral drones. Along the way we imagine a (fictional) musical theater adaptation of "The Shawshank Redemption", wherein I created accompaniment for director Matthew Anderson's lyrics.

The series is a ten-episode comedy using the Twin Cities theater scene as a backdrop. Over 10,000 views as of this writing-- not bad for a 100% indie production. The breadth and depth of talent with which I've had the privilege of collaborating on this show have been rewarding indeed.

When I asked Anderson what he was looking for in terms of a score, he talked about the use of music in Woody Allen films-- so I started thinking about tongue-in-cheek genre cues, and an approach to score that commented on the emotional reality rather than inhabiting it.

As usual, comedy leaves in its wake a wider variety of styles than any other genre. I've noticed this in the past, and wondered why... I think it might have something to do with the fact (as I see it, anyway) that comedy is often the least realistic genre; all that matters is that it's funny, and realism often takes a back seat. Hence, a wide variety of narrative strategies and styles comes into play to facilitate the various jokes and overall comedic arc.

Here's a complete index of all the entries exploring the scoring process:

1: Main Title

2: Crowley Theme

3: Day Job Waltz/ Melodramatic Theme

4: Mambo Madness

5: Dream Rock

666: Devil Worship Music


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