Monday, September 30, 2013

Original Music + SFX for Mobile Game: Playtend's Delivery Truck Empire

Delivery Truck Empire is a mobile game from Playtend, available for the iPad and iPhone. I contributed sound effects and custom music for the game, made for kids 4 and up. The player drives a delivery truck, picking up and dropping off packages while earning enough fuel to, as it were, keep on truckin'.

You can download the game for 99 cents here. Below: a brief promo video from Playtend.

For theme music, the producers wanted something that evoked old school 8-bit chiptunes. I proposed that we marry that approach to vintage Les Paul-style country twang, and the theme came to life:

I knew the music would be delivered in a variety of ways, from headphones to the somewhat tinny speakers on mobile devices. So I made sure the chewy bass line would punch on bass-capable headphones, but also retain enough bite to anchor the track via trebly iPhone playback.

My original draft of the music came across a little too busy and dissonant, so I simplified it on the second pass. Throughout I strove to maintain a level of human "imperfection" in the performances of both organic and digital elements.

I also put together a variety of sound effects for the project. These cues accompanied package pickups and deliveries, fuel powerups, and a crash. Here's an assembly of the sfx, over a passage of the theme:

I did my best to keep the sound effects in tune with the music.

Here's the rough animation file I was given to work with, posted with Playtend's kind permission. This was my only visual reference throughout the process.


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