Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Assassins Tale: Sound Design and Music for Feature Film

Assassins Tale is a feature film about hired killers in search of redemption, driven by an ensemble cast including Michael Beach (Sons of Anarchy, Insidious 2, The Abyss) and Lili Mirojnick (Friends with Benefits, Cloverfield).

Music supervisor Willie Wisely placed a few of my compositions in the film, including this atmospheric cue underscoring a scene where Grace (Anna Silk) confronts Anthony (Guy Garner) as he shoots heroin:

I also served as Foley artist and sound designer on the movie (highlight reel below). I created original synthesized ringtones for three characters' phones, placing each in an acoustic environment appropriate to the scene, and contextualized a narratively pivotal ringtone sampled from one of Wisely's original songs, placing it in a large parking garage as the phone is removed from a corpse's pocket.

I also created assorted impacts, water elements for a swimming pool drowning, and a sound effects tribute to "Lawrence of Arabia".

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