Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Sound Lab

A quick mention of Tor Johnson's boutique sfx library New Sound Lab. I heard about it on the Designing Sound blog, checked it out and got interested in the unique (and affordable) collections to be found there.

Many of the offerings fall into welcome nooks and crannies, providing uncommon sources like Hybrid Electric Car, Rock Slides, and the two libraries I wound up downloading: Hard Drives and Optical Drives.

Close/ contact mic strategies reveal hard drives as hidden sonic labyrinths in these two releases. All manner of whirs, chirps, static, bleeps, bloops, drones, textures, and portamento tonal movement spill forth, resembling an outre musical composition as much as a sound effects library.

A preview of the Hard Drives library:

A preview of the Optical Drives library:

I decided these sounds would work perfectly for a short film I'm working on that involves a flying saucer. Stay tuned for details!

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