Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Into the Void: Original Musical Score for Feature Film

"Into the Void" is a feature-length sic fi adaptation of "The Sea Wolf" by Jack London, directed by Wayne Johnson. I composed a musical score that's equal parts strident orchestration, melodic delicacy, psychedelic rock, and ominous atmospherics.

The music falls into two categories. First I'll share the actual score, dramatic elements that support action and enhance emotion, heard by the audience but not the characters:

The spacecraft in the film is entering the Void, a region of space that bounces back all the radio waves ever transmitted throughout Earth's history. So I created a variety of "antique" music cues to simulate music of varied vintage, mixing the cues with an appropriate amount of distortion and crackle. These, then, are "source" cues that exist within the reality of the film and are heard by the characters within the scenes:

Below: longer excerpts of music from "Into the Void".

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