Saturday, March 29, 2014

Tuesday: Dance Film Retrospective

A while back I had the pleausre of contributing Foley arts and sound design to this dance film by filmmaker Ben McGinley and choreographer Laura Holway. The film was created for the now-defunct Dances Made to Order project, and as it disappears, so too does any reason not to post the film online in its entirety. So the other day, Ben did just that! And here it is.

Here also is the highlight reel of my Foley and sound effects work on the piece, wherein I got to bring to life the clandestine superheroics of performers Charles Campbell and Megan Mayer. More info here.

FREE BONUS VIDEO: One time Ben and I worked on a shoot at a public school in Brooklyn Center, and he shot some awesome footage of me sitting in the auditorium with the kids. So here you go:

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