Wednesday, June 18, 2014

McFowl! (Original music for an experimental short film by Trevor Adams)

I recently had the honor of scoring this short film by Trevor Adams.

Trevor shot Super 8 footage and then meticulously treated the film frame by frame. Inks, paint, and scratches accumulate as a dreamlike cascade of image and color.

I responded with tonalities culled from acoustic and electronic instrumentation, field recordings, and processed samples. The sound scrambles, tumbles, and streams in appropriate conversation with the flow of imagery.

While waiting to get a high-quality transfer of Trevor's film back from Saving Tape, I roughed in a score from memory, thinking I'd tighten up the relationship between sound and image later. But when I laid what I saw as a rough draft up against the visuals, I really liked the dialogue. The relationship was close but not exactly synced, which I found really effective.

This film was originally commissioned as a part of Art/ Road/ Movie, a screening organized to premiere Kevin Obsatz's film Crazy Horse. It also screened a few months later as part of the Square Lake Film Festival, then later at Minnanimate 3.

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