Tuesday, July 8, 2014

In Shadows: Original Musical Score for Short Film + MP3 EP

Earlier this year I created an atmospheric score for Josh Stifter's short psychological horror film "In Shadows". The music has now been released as a very brief EP by John Kannenberg's venerable net label Stasisfield down in Chicago. You can download the score (free!) here.

Best known as an animator, Stifter decided to try his hand at live action with a short filmed entirely in his home and written by his friend Dan Degnan. Degnan and Stifter embarked on a project integrating home movies they shot when they were kids; the premise of the film became a reunion of two friends (played by Degman and Keith Radichel) who assemble the footage for the funeral of a deceased friend (Stifter), discovering a hideous secret along the way.

Musically I kept things understated while adding an undercurrent of anxiety. I recorded a basic melody line using a Rhodes keyboard patch, then chopped up the resulting audio and manipulated it using a variety of scrubbing techniques-- fast forward, rewind, altered speeds, glitches and splices-- to evoke the random access of both filmmaking and memory.

Below: an audio playlist excerpted from the score. Enjoy!

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