Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Minnanimate 3

Minnanimate, the third annual Minnesota animation festival produced by John Akre, will screen four works featuring my original music and sound design this year.

The screening will take place Thursday Sept 11 at the Film Society of Minneapolis and St. Paul’s St. Anthony Main Theater 3. Tickets are $8.50 General, $6 Students/Seniors, $5 Film Society members. More info at minnanimate.com.

The program will include four animations I originally helped out on for Kevin Obsatz's Art/ Road/ Movie showcase:

Josh Stifter's comedic "The Other Side" (I contributed voiceover for a man and two chickens, plus original music and sound design)...

= = = = =

Shelby Pearson's wistful and painterly "Make Your Mark" (I wrote an original musical score)...

= = = = =

Trevor Adams' Super 8 intervention "McFowl!" (I created a soundscape blending sampled field recordings and digital synthesis)...

= = = = =

and Mr. Akre's own "The Bestest Place of All" (I wrote a song and John animated a piece in response).

Lots of other great stuff on the bill too, like some some work from the immensely talented Caleb Wood and Greg Bro.

Here's the trailer for Minnanimate 3:

Hope to see you there!

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