Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 In Review: Highlights of Original Music + Sound Design For Film, Animation, Games, And Branding

Music + Sound Design for Animation, Branding: "Coffee Crush" by Brian Thompson for Crash + Sues

Above: Animator Brian Thompson put together this piece, about an alien who falls in love with a coffee pot, for Minneapolis post house Crash + Sues. I provided a complete musical score, sound design and mix. The piece was featured on the C+S blog for Valentine's Day, and screened as part of the local SIGGRAPH's Minnesota Electronic Theater showcase later in the year. more info

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Original Musical Score for Animation, Independent: "Make Your Mark" by Shelby Pearson

Above: Animator Shelby Pearson created this wistful, painterly piece for Kevin Obsatz's "Art/ Road/ Movie" showcase; I wrote an original musical score. It also screened at the Minnanimate 3 festival later in the year. more info

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Game Audio: Sound Design for Menchie Entertainment's "Mage Rage"

Above: The Bay Area's Menchie Entertainment commissioned me to create visceral, gritty, and textured sound effects for this online collectible card game. more info

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Audio Branding: Linnycakes

Above: Some whimsical sonic accents for an animated logo promoting the Linnycakes cupcake blog. See the lengthy development process and track the numerous drafts here.

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Original Music for Animation, Educational: "Whirl" Series

Above: My work as Audio Manager for the Sparkhouse division of Augsburg Fortress Publishers continued in 2014. The "Burt" episode of the Sparkpuse animated series "Whirl" received Best Children's Video and Best Series at the 2014 International Christian Visual Media Conference. The "Babies" episode of Whirl also screened at the 2014 SIGGRAPH Minnesota Electronic Theater showcase, where Sparkhouse animator Abby Duel won Best Student Film for her independent short Stagecraft.

Featured aboove: original music for the animated series "Whirl". more info

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Sound Design for Film: "Solitude" (Feature, Anthology Horror)

Above: Some gory SFX for a feature-length anthology horror film. The movie beat out "Wild" and "The Imitation Game" to win the Audience Award at the 2014 Twin Cities Film Festival, and creature designer Darla Edin won a slot as a contestant on "Face Off". more info

Above: a montage of original creature sound design I created for "Solitude", using my own vocal performance as source material for beastly manipulations.

= = = = =

Sound Design and Original Music for Animation, Independent: Flush Studios (NSFW/ not for kids!)

Above: I'm excited to create sound and music for some new short cartoons by Josh Stifter over at Flush Studios. Our first volley of the season is a New Year's-themed toon to help you ring in 2015.

more info

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Audio Branding: Enke Films

Above: Musical sound design for Enke Films' animated logo. more info

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Sound Design: Intro to Four Letter Lie's "The Safest Way" Music Video

Above: I created a soundscape to match the shifting natural environments at the top of this music video, directed by my friend Jay Ness, which premiered on Alternative Press' web site in December 2014. more info

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Original Musical Score For Short Film: "In Shadows" by Josh Stifter

Above: An atmospheric original score for this psychological horror film. Also released as an MP3 EP. more info

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Original score For "McFowl!", An Experimental Short Film by Trevor Adams

Above: A leftfield soundscape for this montage of Super 8 live action and hand-tweaked animation. "McFowl!" premiered at the "Art/ Road/ Movie" showcase and screened at the Square Lake Music and Film Festival later in 2014. more info

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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Museum of Portable Sound

Recently I accepted an invitation to participate in a new project put together by my friend John Kannenberg. It's still taking shape, so nothing's definite yet, but feel free to consult the links below if you have any interest. The text below is mostly copied from John's own description. Enjoy!

The Museum of Portable Sound is a mobile museum dedicated to portable sound, initially based in London, UK. Its permanent collection is augmented with an ongoing series of rotating exhibits of no longer than 10 minutes' duration.

The Museum's galleries exist as playlists on the Museum Director's mobile phone. Visits to the Museum are by appointment only (or by bumping into the Museum Director on the street).

Visitors are asked to provide their own earbuds/headphones to access the collections.


The Museum of Portable Sound is dedicated to the collection, preservation, and exhibition of cultural artifacts related to the history of sound. With a specific focus on portability, digital initiatives, and community engagement, we bring the culture of sound to the public one listener at a time.

Museum Director: John Kannenberg

Board of Directors:
Glenn Bach (Los Angeles)
Carmen Billows (London)
Kate Carr (Belfast)
Jono Gilmurray (Bristol)
Mike Hallenbeck (Minneapolis)
Maria Papadomanolaki (London)
Cheryl Tipp (London)
Lydie Valentin (Paris)
Mark Peter Wright (London)
Philip von Zweck (Chicago)

Hours: By appointment (or by bumping into the Museum Director on the street)


Twitter: @museumsound

Email: museumofportablesound at gmail dot com

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