Thursday, January 8, 2015

Game Audio: Sound Design for "Mage Rage" Online CCG

Sound design for this Web-based collectible card game from the Bay Area's Menchie Entertainment. The wizards of Mage Rage "studied magic theory for so long that they forgot how to actually use it." See and hear a highlight reel below:

Menchie's Dmitry Sokolov sought me out to deliver sound effects that were visceral, gritty, and textured. I obliged with a blend of library and custom cues, spending some time grinding bottlecaps and a hinge into a concrete block to add a little more grit and friction.

I also used the object pictured below-- I believe it's some sort of kids' toy-- from which I've coaxed all manner of friction, creaks and clanks:

Below: an audio-only demo of the sound effects I provided for the game.

Mage Rage is an entry in the 2015 Independent Games Festival. You can play the game online here.

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