Sunday, April 5, 2015

"Clean Cut": Sound Design and Musical Score for Short Film

Clean Cut is a macabre yet whimsical short film about a Roomba gone rogue, written and directed by Andrew Hunt. I provided sound design and an original musical score. The film won Best of Fest and Audience Favorite at Minneapolis' Z-Fest in 2015, and is headed out for further screenings on the festival circuit.

View the short in its entirety here:

My work earned Z-Fest nominations for Best Audio/ Sound Design and Best Musical Score. The film also won Best Comedy, Screenplay, Lighting, Prop, and Best Hero, and received additional nominations for Best Direction, Editing, Visual Effects, Production Design, and Ending Credits.

The small crew on this project can be described quite accurately as a dream team: I felt fortunate to collaborate with Hunt, actors Scott Jorgensen and Charles Hubbell, cinematographer Ben Enke, animator Josh Stifter, makeup/ practical effects artist Darla Edin, editor/ VFX artist/ colorist Jeremy Wanek and producer Jason Wallace to put this piece together.

The film's audio is almost entirely post sound; even the (sparse) dialog is mostly wild sound recorded by Hunt. I followed the Roomba around my house with a field recorder to provide the bot's engine whir; the rest of the sound design was accomplished with a combo of original Foley and library sound effects.

Here's the trailer (which doubles as a credit sequence for the film), animated by Josh Stifter:

And here's a sample of my original music used in the score. I tailored this piece to fit the mechanical, workmanlike feel of the Roomba going about its business:

Here's a blog entry dedicated exclusively to Clean Cut festival updates, as there have turned out to have been so many:

Clean Cut Festival Updates

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