Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Andy Thomas

A few days ago, courtesy of the Minneapolis Egotist, I discovered a visual-to-sound transmutation by Andy Thomas:

The description: "Bird sounds captured using a digital audio recorder and fed into a computer to activate particle effects." My assumption was that certain frequencies and amplitudes of audio somehow triggered visual generators that manifested as color and shape values, perhaps with some sort of swarm/ fractal parameters.

I dug into the overall Vimeo page, where I was intrigued by the the artist's statement: "Digital Artist Andy Thomas creates intricate artwork and specialises in particle simulation based motion graphics, inspired by nature and technology." A further link led me to the home page of Australian artist's web site.

Thomas evidently got his start creating UV murals for raves and other events, leading to explorations of graphic design and now to "creating audio life forms that react to sounds... by sampling the sounds of the forest and running them through various computer programs".

Here's a motion art gallery on Thomas's site.


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