Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Auratones Are Back!

This is cool.

Back in the days of yore, "before cell phones and the Internet" as they say nowadays, recording engineers used to use Auratones to check what their mixes would sound like played back on a crappy, midrange-heavy system, as was (and still is) so often the case. If it translated through those speakers, there was a better chance that the mix would work in a wider variety of playback scenarios.

Sadly, these speakers have been unavailable for some time. So chumps like me have had to make do with Avantone Mix Cubes to crappify our mixes. I'm not sure how Avantone crappy compares to Auratone crappy exactly, but I've been pretty happy with the crappy. It's great to know that original is out there again though-- no idea how it measures up to its earlier incarnation, but I look forward to finding out someday!

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