Monday, August 17, 2015

Cellular Cinema

Cellular Cinmea is a regular showcase of experimental cinema curated by Kevin Obsatz at the Bryant-Lake Bowl Theater. If you're in the Twin Cities, you can catch a screening tonight! Here are the event details.

Programming varies widely, but tends toward the non-narrative and usually leans on material that's actually shot and/ or presented on film. There's often a physical and even performative element to the proceedings; I've seen some really cool multi-projector presentations there. It's fun to actually hear the projector whirring next to you as the film unreels.

The Basement Media Festival showcase a few weeks back featured photograms of human ashes, Instagram on 16mm, a digital video memoir partially constructed from Google Street View, and footage of the basement of the only remaining big-screen XXX theater in New York.

Tonight's offerings are curated by Ben Gaydos and Julia Yezbick from Detroit's Mothlight Microcinema.

Here are the event details again. Enjoy!

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