Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Film Festival Updates, Autumn 2015

Films featuring my sound design and original music are screening at upcoming festivals across the nation! The pieces range from animation to comedy to horror to documentary. Here's an update...

September 10th, 2015
Featured: "Through A Purgatorial Twenty Eleven"
(Short, Super 8 / Animation, d. Trevor Adams)
Original Musical Score by Mike Hallenbeck

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October 21- 31, 2015, Minneapolis MN
Upcoming screenings for pieces featuring my work in the festival:

Out In The Cold
Documentary Feature, d. J.D. O'Brien
Sound Design + Mix by Mike Hallenbeck

The Caper
Short, d. Matthew Anderson
Original Musical Score by Mike Hallenbeck

Web Series: Theater People
Pilot, Season Three, d. Matthew Anderson
Oiginal Musical Score by Mike Hallenbeck

Clean Cut
Short, d. Andrew Hunt
Sound Design + Original Musical Score by Mike Hallenbeck

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And speaking of "Clean Cut", here's a blog entry dedicated exclusively to Clean Cut festival updates, as there have turned out to have been so many:

Clean Cut Festival Updates

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