Thursday, September 17, 2015

Radiotopia Part II of 2: The Truth

Here's the second callout of my favorite shows featured by PRX's Radiotopia, a federation of podcasts that describes itself as "a collective of the best story-driven shows on the planet". These shows distinguish themselves by a high level of sound design quality. VO capture, sfx/ music editing, and overall mix tend toward the exceptional. Moreover, the deployment of sound toward the maintenance of narrative integrity appears to be a high priority.

Even by today's high standards, The Truth distinguishes itself with what I don't hesitate to call audio mastery. I'm captivated by the quality of vocal capture, which as far as I can tell happens in spaces that match the acoustics of the story's setting. If we're witnessing a scene on an echoey staircase, it's actually recorded on an echoey staircase-- and quite clearly, with wonderfully understated actors who sound like they're improvising most of the time, or maybe they're just really good at delivering scripted dialog. Whatever the case, the emotion is present and genuine, effortlessly delivered.

My favorite Truth episode is definitely Silvia's Blood, which employs an alchemical approach to sound as well as a clever deployment of musical elements. Check it out:

The raw documentary technique of Do You Have A Minute For Equality? makes its descent into pure horror that much more precipitous:


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