Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Randy Thom Podcast

I've developed an enthusiasm for the Soundworks Collection podcast of late, and the recent addition Writing for Sound with Randy Thom is a new favorite.

Known for a voluminous resume that includes "War of the Worlds" (2004, a neglected quality film IMO), "Mimic", animated features like "Coraline", "The Incredibles", and "How To Train Your Dragon" (I and II), and of course the sound design classic "Cast Away", Thom had the good fortune to land "Apocalypse Now" as his first feature film project and currently serves as Skywalker Sound's Director of Sound Design. Needless to say, he has some things to say that are worth listening to.

So feel free to listen here:

I really enjoyed hearing how Thom likes to offer ways he can help with the soundscape of a film even at the writing stage; he observes that everyone on a film project is often marching in the same direction simultaneously, but they're often not communicating as they do so. This interview demonstrates how a more collaborative approach, instigated early in the process, can lead to a more comprehensive synthesis as the project develops. Inspiring stuff.

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