Thursday, October 15, 2015

Deep Cuts #6: Creep

(Just in time for Halloween, the "Deep Cuts" series highlights horror films I think deserve a little more recognition. Not to say they're obscure by any means-- most are major releases. I just want to give them a little more love is all. Enjoy!)

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American, d. Patrick Brice, 2014

OK, so found footage horror films aren't for everyone. But me? I love 'em. Sure, there always has to be some explanation of "Why doesn't he put the camera down now?" But hey, if that's all the suspension of disbelief we need, sign me up.

To me, this genre epitomizes the notion that you don't need a lot of money to make a good movie. What you do need, of course, is high-quality acting, direction, cinematography, etc-- admittedly something plenty of films in this genre lack-- but in my opinion "Creep" delivers all of that, and satisfies.

The premise is simple enough: a freelance videographer (Patrick Brice, also director of the film) accepts a job he's found on craigslist (probably not product placement, is my guess), and heads out to a remote cabin to shoot what turns out to be-- according to the guy who's hired him-- the testimony of a man dying of brain cancer, to be viewed by his unborn son.

A plan that can't miss, right? Given the genre and setup, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to predict that things will go horribly awry. But watching it all unravel is unnerving enough that you can't look away, and the economy of what we see (and don't see) is impressive. It bears mentioning that this is one of the shortest feature films I've watched in recent memory-- about an hour and ten minutes total-- and I really wish more films could cut to the chase this efficiently.

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