Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Sound Design + Music for Animation: Tim the Terrible Part I

"Tim the Terrible" is a new animated series from Flush Studios. I've had the pleasure of working on several Flush toons in the past (here's some previous work of mine), and it's been fun to contribute sound design and original music to "Tim" as well.

Here's the completed version of Episode 1, "Birth of a Bender", which has already surpassed 7,000 views on Newgrounds as of this writing. In the pilot, drunken barbarian Tim the Terrible faces off against Tormentuous the Venomous:

Several of my music cues are featured in this piece. During the opening theme that accompanies the face-off between Tim and Tormentuous, it's possible to sing "Tim the Terrible" along with the melody. What convenience!

A more cacophonous cue underscores a savage attack later in the episode:

Director Josh Stifter recorded most of the voiceover at his studio; his own voice performances included those of Tormentuous' wife Shelly and their son Benjamin. Tormentuous was voiced by Dan Degnan.

Stifter also recorded the vocieover for the title character, performed by McCrae Olson:

I performed and recorded the voiceover for the griffin that arrives late in the episode to take Tim away; the script called for the griffin to play as a jaded cab driver.

Sound design was accomplished through replacement of a few temp sound effects with a combo of library fx and original Foley. The weapon hits, stabs and gore effects were mostly library, but there were points where subtle movement and impacts called for cues of my own.

Josh worked long hours on this piece; it's good to see it getting some recognition!

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