Friday, October 23, 2015

TCFF Bald Director Profile #2: Matthew Anderson, "The Caper" and "Theater People: Season Three"

The 2015 Twin Cities Film Festival features a number of films I worked on variously as a sound designer and composer. Each of these projects was helmed by a director who's bald like me. Today, let's meet Matthew G. Anderson, who premieres the short romantic comedy The Caper and the pilot of the web series Theater People's third season, both at TCFF this year. I served as composer for both. Get your tickets by clicking on the linked titles above.

Years ago, back in what might safely be called "the day", Matt asked me if I'd ever seen the Powerpuff Girls Beatles episode. I replied that I had not.

"Oh, you gotta see it," he said. "I'll loan you the DVD."

"But I don't have a DVD player," I said.

"No problem, I'll loan you that too." And so he did.

Thusly, Matt's excitement to share creativity has snowballed into not one but two entries in TCFF this year. I remember back when we started these projects, he had hair. But as his passion and dedication for his work grew, he tore it all out. Or maybe it was kind of like "The Picture of Dorian Grey", except with an axis of filmmaking and hair loss, or something. I don't know.

Anyway, here's Matt Anderson talking about his process of making these pieces:

Here's a highlight reel of my original score for "The Caper":

A playlist of music featured in the film:

And here's the trailer for "The Caper":

As for the pilot webisode of "Theater People" Season Three, it's not out yet so a highlight reel would be inappropriate. But here's a reel of my music from Season One in the meantime:

And here's the trailer for "Theater People" Season Three:

And just for the heck of it, here are some clips from the Powerpuff Girls Beatles episode.


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