Monday, October 26, 2015

TCFF Bald Director Profile #3: Andrew Hunt, "Clean Cut"

The 2015 Twin Cities Film Festival features a number of films I worked on variously as a sound designer and composer. Each of these projects was helmed by a director who's bald like me. Today let's meet Andrew Hunt-- whose award-winning Clean Cut, a comedy-horror short about a Roomba gone rogue, screens at TCFF this year. I created the sound design and wrote the musical score for the film. Get tickets here.

Andy used to have hair, but the Roomba vacuumed it all up. Below, he holds forth about "Clean Cut" as the glare from his head clues us in on a potential hidden meaning of the film's title:

I've already blogged extensively about "Clean Cut" and its numerous festival screenings and awards, so I'll leave it to the preceding links to tell that story. But I do recommend this film highly. So if you're at the fest, do go see it!

Here's the trailer (which doubles as a credit sequence for the film), animated by Josh Stifter:

And here's a sample of my original music used in the score. I tailored this piece to fit the mechanical, workmanlike feel of the Roomba going about its business:

Get tickets for TCFF screening of "Clean Cut"

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