Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Original Music for Web Series: Bryn Mawr Bop

Spotlight on a track that appears in Season Three, Episode Three of the web series Theater People...

I assumed the music would be mixed low under dialog much of the time, so I listened at a very low volume when completing my own music mix-- thus, many elements wound up sounding different than they would have had I been mixing for up-front placement. Given the comedic nature of the sequence, I also wanted to preserve the sense of naivete I was going for. So I resisted the urge to "correct" some of the rhythmic imperfections I might have otherwise addressed.

Here's a clip of how the piece played out in the episode...

Three separate stories play out here: an actor (Clarence Wethern) confronts his fear of not being recognized/ acknowledged as he attempts to gain access to a theater for a rehearsal process; an assistant stage manager (Katie Willer) fights for admittance to the same rehearsal, saved only by the whim of her boss, the actual stage manager (Mo "MoCap" Perry); and the production's director (Stacia Rice) schemes to divert what may already be inevitable: that the titular male star of the TV sitcom "Fat Guy With A Hot Wife" has been cast as the lead in her theater production "The Shade Beneath The Awning" (imagine said casting in a play by Tennessee Williams or Eugene O'Neill) without her approval.


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