Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Original Music for Web Series: Shakopee Shuffle

Recently I was invited back to compose music for the third season of the web series Theater People, now with Kickstarter funding! I was, of course, thrilled.

Among the many pieces of music I developed was a somewhat lighthearted cue, variously evocative of triumph and inquiry. In this season's first and second episodes you'll encounter three different versions of it, a total of five times altogether: a "basic" swing arrangement, a bossa nova rendition, and a piano jazz variant that reappears throughout the show (often as source background music).

The piece appears twice near the top of Episode 1. The original swing version accompanies Elise on her triumphant walk home from the Shepard Theater after learning she'd be directing there. In the bossa nova immediately following the theme, we encounter the full melodic development, replete with a key change that eventually resolves back into the original tonality. It first plays out under a conversation close to the start of Episode 1 in which Ben (Clarence Wethern) announces to his wife (Miriam Schwartz) that he's quitting acting, only to change his mind at the receipt of a fateful phone call.


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