Tuesday, November 10, 2015

"Out in the Cold" Mall of America Screening + Documentary Drive Review

Out int the Cold, the feature-length documentary I mixed in post last summer, screens at the Mall of America tomorrow night, 11/11/15. Get tickets here.

The film also got a nice review from Documentary Drive. They even mentioned me and production mixer Matt Manson. When does that ever happen?

Details on the film from its imdb page: "Two men leave the comforts of home to spend a week of Minnesota winter experiencing homelessness. They sleep either on the streets or in homeless shelters in an effort to create empathy with those who truly have to experience life without stable housing, and create an avenue for them to share their stories. During their week on the streets they encountered below zero temperatures, dangerous places to sleep, and met a lot of wonderful people who showed John and J.D. how to survive and how to maintain hope while living without stable housing."

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