Friday, November 6, 2015

The Chimpmunks Slowed Down

This has been making the rounds quite a bit lately, and rightly so, because it's brilliant. These are Chipmunks tracks slowed down to 16 RPM, thus approximating the original speed at which the vocals must have been recorded by actual humans.

The resulting dirges have an ominous, forlorn quality...

You can hear the final sped-up results here too.

These tracks confirm what I've long suspected: that the singers/ actors portraying the Chimpmunks could be literally anyone, providing they can talk and sing. And it's interesting to hear that their pitch wavers quite a bit in the original key, since the vocalists have to hold the notes out so long.

But things always sound more in tune when they're sped up. Hence, the bar is lowered yet further for who is qualified for the job!

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